Sights of Singapore

The main attractions of Singapore

Tourists come to Singapore not only for the Asian-flavored skyscrapers, viewing platforms and luxury hotels.

Among the main attractions are gardens by the bay, aquariums and a zoo, non-trivial museums and galleries, theaters, temples of several religions, city parks and sculptures, colorful markets and even a floating stadium.

Throughout the year, the city-state hosts many vibrant festivals of different cultures, and there are always tourists planning a trip just for the sake of shows and mass festivities: to take part in the celebrations of the Chinese New Year, Vesak Day or the Festival of Lights.

One of the main events of the holidays is fireworks on the waters; the best places are occupied by citizens and vacationers in advance.

To the convenience and happiness of tourists, the main attractions of Singapore are concentrated in a relatively small area. At least within one or two MRT metro stations. And you can see all the best in a short time – even if you come to the city for only 1-3 days.

What to see in Singapore in 1 day

The main route starts at the Marina Bay waterfront. Following its smooth curves from the stands of the Formula 1 track, you can see (and this is in addition to the numerous skyscrapers of Down Town): Ferris wheel, a floating stadium, the most famous hotel complex Marina Bay Sands with a panoramic pool and an observation deck, a concert and theater complex similar to on the durian, the statue of the Merlion creature, which is a symbol of the country, the authentic districts of Boat Key and Clarke Key.

Moving further along Hill Street from Clark Key through Fort Canning Park, we get to the National Museum of Singapore.

Then we turn to the Singapore Museum of Art, then along Victoria Street to the National Library, at the finish line along Middle Road to the Fountain of Wealth. The circle is closed.

Despite the impressive list of places, the total distance is about 10 km. If you don’t linger anywhere, you can get around all this splendor in one day.

What to see in Singapore with a child

Singapore is very child friendly. Almost everywhere, boys and girls under the age of 3-4 years old are free of charge, and serious discounts are provided for older children.

The main center of attraction for children, and adults, what to hide, is the entertainment island of Sentosa. This is not even a metaphor: the whole island is devoted only to various kinds of pleasures.

Universal Studios Singapore with themed areas from Ancient Egypt to New York, an aquarium, an adventure park at height, observation decks, beaches and a laser show – given the queues lining up for attractions (on weekends and holidays), you should definitely allocate a whole day.

The already mentioned Singapore Zoo is the second most popular place to visit with children. Hundreds of animals and a lot of activities, and at the same time a significant distance from Down Town, explain why you need to plan for it all day.

An alternative to the zoo is the Jurong Bird Park, where about 9 thousand birds, from small to large, live. Even more exciting will be the Night Safari excursion, during which the kids will see animals that are predominantly nocturnal.

In general, there is nothing in Singapore that cannot be visited with children. They will love the space gardens, just like from the movie Avatar, and the Ferris wheel, which offers breathtaking views.

Oceanarium in Singapore

The Singapore Aquarium (S.E.A. Aquarium) gives visitors the illusion of diving into the depths of the sea, comparable in emotions to real diving. The grandiose building, built on Sentosa Island in 2012, became the largest oceanarium on the planet after Siam Ocean World in Bangkok. The project cost was about $6 billion.

The 8 hectare site is part of the Marine Life Park in Resorts World Sentosa.
The conditions for keeping representatives of the marine fauna are as close as possible to their natural habitat, and the ecosystems of coral reefs have been recreated.

There are over 200 sharks on display at the Singapore Aquarium. You can also see giant Japanese spider crabs that live for 100 years, moray eels, sea urchins, rays, octopuses, bottlenose dolphins (bottle-nosed dolphins).