The most unusual places on earth

Valley of moving stones

In the US state of California, there is a real geological phenomenon, which is still being studied by world scientists. This is a valley of moving or wandering (creeping) stones. It was discovered at the bottom of an old dry lake in the south of Death Valley. Incredibly, in this area, large boulders slowly move along a completely even and flat clay surface, leaving a long trail behind them!

To date, the official hypothesis of the phenomenon of the Valley of Crawling Stones is the following version – stone blocks move due to the power of wind and water. After the rains, this lake fills with water and the clay soil becomes wet. Because of this, the friction force decreases, and hurricane gusts of wind make the stones “crawl” along the plain, leaving furrows behind them.

However, no one can yet explain the fact why the stones lying nearby begin to “spread” in different directions, and some do not move at all. In addition, it remains a mystery why the boulders wander throughout the valley, because under the influence of the wind they must move in one direction of the lake.

Scientists are actively working on unraveling the mystery of this place. By the way, there is also a mystical version of this phenomenon, associated with otherworldly forces.

Waitomo – Glowworm Caves

New Zealand’s Waitomo region has stunning limestone caves that are unique in that they shimmer and glow thanks to the millions of fireflies that live in underground labyrinths. These small insects, members of the mushroom mosquito genus, emit phosphorescent light that creates unusual light installations.

This type of firefly lives only in New Zealand. Scientists say that the light from insects is emitted due to the fact that they are hungry – in this way, with the help of the glow, mosquitoes lure prey into their traps.

Cave of giant crystals

In the Mexican city of Naica, there is another miracle of mysterious nature – the Cave of huge crystals, which is located at a depth of 300 meters. Geologists even call the bizarre interweaving of giant transparent crystals of selenite the “Sistine Chapel of Crystals” – it is so beautiful and unique. Huge formations have been growing underground for many millennia.

This Mexican wonder was accidentally discovered in 2000 by two miner brothers when they were exploring a new passage in the mine.

Crystals are like large rays that cut through space, they create an unusually breathtaking spectacle.

Antelope canyon

The most famous canyon in the southeastern part of America in the state of Arizona consists of two parts – the Upper Canyon (Gorge) and the Lower Canyon (Spirals). The Navajo Indians call the Upper Canyon the place where water flows through the rocks, and the Lower Canyon is the spiraling slopes of the rocks.

Blood pool

In the Japanese city of Beppu, there is an unusual “bloody” pond, the red color of which is due to the high level of iron in the water. The pond is a thermal spring and a landmark of the city.

It is impossible to swim in these hot waters, but it will be quite interesting to look at this miracle of nature.

Eye of the Sahara

In the Richat structure, on the African continent, there is a truly mystical and mysterious place called the Eye of the Sahara. It is a bizarre figure of several concentric rings. These circles are visible even from space. They are located at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level in the Sahara desert.

According to one version, the Eye was formed from a meteorite impact. However, today geologists are inclined to the hypothesis that the Richat structure was formed as a result of erosion. Until now, world scientists are struggling with the reason for the round shape of this miracle.

Salt desert

In Bolivia there is a large salt desert, which is also called Lake Uyuni. The desert is considered the largest salt marsh in the world. In this area there are active volcanoes, geysers, giant cacti grow, which create the illusion of a completely different world.

Kliluk spotted lake

In British Columbia, there is a completely unusual lake with white borders and blue-green puddles inside it. This fantastic body of water is like a mirror to other worlds. Lake Kliluk is not only beautiful, but also rich in natural resources.

Dry valleys

The valleys in Antarctica are the driest place on earth. This area has had no precipitation at all for several million years! The local climate is similar to the climate of Mars, so these deserts are of great interest to NASA employees. In the valleys, rovers are being tested, as well as various studies.

It should be noted that the dry part of Antarctica is not covered with ice. In this unusual place, there is a frozen lake with very salty water, in which unknown organisms were found.

Eisreisenwelt ice caves

The ice caves of the Eisreisenwelt in Austria are truly unusual and impressive in their size. Anyone who gets here feels like in a completely different world. Among all the ice caves of the earth, these are the largest. The underground labyrinths of the Eisreisenwelt stretched for 40 kilometers. Of course, this delightful and beautiful place attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.